Project Management

Updating your home, major-scale renovation, and new construction can be daunting processes- especially on the North Fork where costs are well above the national average. To complicate things further, there are building codes and town specifications that often incur unexpected time and cost expenditure. With over 25 years in construction management across commercial and residential projects our team is perfectly suited to ensuring your dream home becomes a reality.

  • – Serving as third party project management NFPS is able to prioritize and protect client interests across various vendors and contractors
  • – One point of communication and accountability means a more simple and optimizedprocess
  • – Implementing cost and time saving strategies ensure no excessive/unnecessary change-orders or schedule delays de-rail the project
  • – All documentation, reporting, and progress photography is actively updated in a client portal- especially useful for those residing remote of the North Fork

With many moving parts and parties involved in a project, NFPS is the ultimate third-party project management representative!

Property Maintenance

There are a lot of considerations to properly care for a home. Our team develops a comprehensive understanding of your property needs as they cycle throughout a year, the service providers involved, and take into account any prior inconveniences/difficulties you may have faced. With this understanding, we are able to develop a property management agenda that satisfies our clients’ unique property needs. Standard parts of this system are weekly inspections, seasonal planning/evaluations, and reporting of Property Maintenance.

To simplify your home owning experience we serve as a point of contact proxy for service vendors in achieving scheduled professional maintenance and un-scheduled repairs. Along with our concierge services and project management keeping your home well maintained and updated to the utmost standard is seamless.

Concierge Services

North Fork Professional Services leverages our affiliate network to coordinate priority pricing, scheduling, management, and reporting of custom service combinations to fit your unique property and lifestyle needs. Through open communication we bring it all together so that you can focus on enjoying the experience you seek to create. Some examples of the range of professional services we continue to offer clients are

– On-call service/repair
– Alarm Responses
– Storm watch & Grounds preparation
– Cleaning services
– Summer Rental and Airbnb Services
– Boat Launch
– Vehicle Transport& Maintenance Coordination
– Event Planning/ Catering & Security Detail